Personalized Individual Dog Training

Everyday life with your dog should be fun and full of adventure – not full of frustration.

If your dog’s naughty behavior is driving you crazy we can help! Private and individualized dog training can get you the fast and effective results you need to calm the chaos in your home.

Choose from COACHING where I teach you to train your dog or ACCELERATED HOME SCHOOL where I will train your dog and transfer his new skills over to you when the training is done!



How Does it Work?

Step 1:

Schedule a 75-minute initial consultation

Tell us what your concerns and goals are and we will give you a prognosis and a personalized training package to help achieve those goals.

Step 2:


A Certified Professional Trainer will train your dog OR coach you!

Choose between direct one-on-one training of your dog OR coaching sessions where we teach you to train your dog with continued support throughout the process.


Step 3:


Enjoy your well-behaved dog!

Have a dog that is a joy to live with.  Improved manners and quality of life for you and your dog is usually attained within 3 to 4 weeks of training.


What I Can Help With


New Puppies!

I can help you and your puppy get started off right! I will help you with common puppy concerns such as house-training, mouthing or nipping, and chewing. Busy schedule? Worried about socializing your puppy?  With the Accelerated Home School Program, I can expose your puppy in a positive and safe manner to a variety of people, animals, situations and locations. This is an excellent way to reduce the likelihood of behavior problems developing later on in life.


Basic Manners

Teach your dog how to be a polite, well-behaved member of the family and your community. Each package is tailored to your specific goals, but common behaviors include polite greetings, walking well on leash, sit, down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, and wait at the door. Having a well-trained dog improves their quality of life as well as yours.


Behavioural Concerns

Do you have more serious concerns? I can help with in the following behaviour issues:

  • Hyperactivity, extreme mouthiness, impulsivity, and frustration

  • Fear

  • Reactivity (lunging at other dogs, people, cars, bikes etc on walks)

Training aided by a professional is much more effective than trying to do it alone. With my experience and expertise I can help you address problems such as mouthing, general unruliness, fear and anxiety.

Don’t see your concern on this list?  Contact me and I”ll develop a specialized training package just for you!

Initial 75-Minute Consultation

Pricing: $150


At the Initial Consult I will:

  • Take a detailed history
  • Determine goals for your dog’s behavior
  • Give you management solutions to give you some relief immediately
  • Recommend a training package based on your goals

Each training package is customized to the client’s specific needs.

What is the Format?

Home Schooling

With Accelerated Home Schooling I will be doing all the heavy lifting!  I will work directly with your dog 3 times a week for an hour, then meet with you once a week for an hour to teach you how to maintain and build on the behavior in the long run.  This combination of me working directly with the dog and then transferring the skills over to you ensures that you and your dog will both learn the skills you need for lasting behavior change!

The primary advantages of home schooling are that you have a professional behaviorist on the other end of the leash which means that dogs tend to hit higher goals, faster, than dogs training with coaching.  Another major advantage is that you do not have to set aside the time to do the bulk of the training yourself because I will be doing it for you!


With coaching, I work directly with you to teach you how to do the training and behavior modification with your dog.  We typically meet once a week in the beginning, then once every two weeks toward the end, though this may vary depending on your dog’s needs and your schedule.

Each week, I will demonstrate behaviors with your dog, teach you how to do them and then coach you as your work with your dog.  We will also cover key concepts that will be critical to your success.  Then you will have homework to work on between sessions.  At subsequent sessions, we review their progress and trouble spots, teach you additional skills, and give you a new set of homework.

How Long Does it Take? How much does it cost?

The length of training depends on your dog’s behavior and your training goals. We customize a package to fit your needs. Here are some guidelines:

Puppy Concerns and Basic Manners

In most cases, you have the power to decide how many follow up sessions you need based on the level of training (basic – advanced) and how much support your prefer. You can get a good jump start on basic skills with the shorter packages. For more advanced training, or instances where the dog needs to learn more than 3 or 4 skills, the longer packages are more suitable. 


I will come to your home to train your dog!  Training sessions may be in the house, yard, on walks, or field trips depending on the training goals we establish in the Initial Consultation.


Choose between a coaching package where I travel to you – either to your home or a park OR where you travel to my training location in Borland Valley, 150 Mile House

* Sessions are usually scheduled 7-10 days apart.  For the Good Dog! Program lessons must be used within 2 months of first session.  For the Super Dog! Program lessons must be used within 3 months of the first session.

* Travel within 10km of Williams Lake city center or 10km from 150 Mile House are included in the coaching packages where I travel to you.  If you live further than this service area, additional charges for travel will apply.