Group Training Classes

Whether you are continuing training after puppy classes, bringing home a new adult dog, starting training for the first time, or looking for something fun to do with your dog, there is a class for you! Click below to register!

Puppy Start Right and Life Skills and Manners Classes are always ongoing! Contact me to find out when you can get started!

Classes will be held indoors during the winter months and outdoors when there is no snow in 150 Mile House (planning for puppy, basic manners, scent detection, and agility classes) 

Contact me to register!

Life Skills & Manners Class

This 5-week class focuses on teaching behavior theory as well as hands-on training skills.  This class is suitable for puppies approximately 4 months old to adult dogs of any age.

These classes are open enrollment which means that so long as there is space available in the class (limit of 5 dogs) you can start anytime!

Class Schedule:

Thursdays @ 6:45pm

Location: Borland Valley, 150 Mile House

Investment:  $200 plus GST



  • Topics include: Leadership and management
  • Canine Periods of Critical Development
  • How to deal with unwanted behaviors: jumping up, nipping, chewing and barking.
  • Marker Training
  • How to use rewards effectively in training
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Name Recognition & Recall (come when called)
  • Focus
  • Stay
  • Leash Manners

Scent Detection (Nosework) 


Sporting/scent Detection is something fun for any handler or dog to participate in and is a great confidence builder for dogs that have issues such as shyness, aggression, reactive, or simply lack confidence. Sporting detection can also be a great way for dogs to burn off energy with mental stimulation or a fun winter activity for you and your dog! Sporting Detection includes your dog using his nose to find specific target odors in containers, room searches, exterior building, and vehicle searches. If you want to compete in this exciting new sport or just have some fun with your dog then this is for you! We hope to grow this sport in the Cariboo region!

Intro to Scent Detection

During this course, we will introduce you to Scent Detection and focus on teaching your dog a calm, clear and reliable indication to target odors, a natural essential oil. Your dog will gain commitment with duration while pinpointing the source of the odor. All dogs will learn to work independently and without handler input. We will focus on handling and reading your dog while having your dog search independently while proofing with distractions.

Next Class:  Taking a waitlist – please contact me at or 778-267-2592 if you are interested!       

Location: Borland Valley, 150 Mile House


Maximum of 4 dogs per class and includes a clicker, odor box, and cocktail odor tin.

Intro to Agility Class

This 4-week class will consist of foundation work for dogs who are new to the exciting sport of dog agility!

– Learn how to use several pieces of standard dog agility equipment (safe, regulation and professional made).

– Improve on your relationship with your dog by learning more focus, teamwork and obedience.

– Learn the best basic obedience strategies and also work on bad habits such as jumping up and pulling on leash.

– Introduction to marker/clicker training, trick training and impulse control exercises

***this is an outdoor class so please dress appropriately***

– for dogs over 6 months – Not suitable for dogs with human or dog aggression issues and must not constantly bark in a group setting

Next Class: June 2024 – Contact me to be put on a waitlist!

Drop-in Classes are ongoing for those who have already completed the Intro Class.

Location: Borland Valley, 150 Mile House

Cost: $160 plus GST

*Maximum of 4 dogs per class*

    Puppy Start Right Class

    This 4-week class helps to get you and your puppy off on the right paw!  We work on socialization, trouble shooting common concerns like potty training, chewing, jumping up, etc and training of foundation skills.  Puppies must have had their 2nd set of vaccinations a week prior to starting classes and be under 4 months of age. 

    These classes are open enrollment which means that so long as there is space available in the class (small class sizes – 3 pups in the winter – 5 in the summer) you can start anytime!

    Class Schedule:

    Currently (April/May 2023) Tuesdays at 5:45pm OR Thursdays @ 5:30pm

    Location: Borland Valley, 150 Mile House

    Investment:  $160 plus GST



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