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Coulee is a 5-year-old Labrador retriever also from Torg’s Labradors in Minnesota.  He is currently in training for numerous sports including competition obedience, hunt work, scent detection, and agility!  He has earned numerous titles in scent detection, tricks, and in dock diving and he’s just getting started!  Like some of our other dogs, he also is doing foundation training for tracking as well as draft (carting) work.  It doesn’t matter what I wish to work on, Coulee is game to try it, although dock diving and hunt work are definitely his favorites!

He is a very athletic and enthusiastic dog when training but is extremely quiet in the house or when not working.  He is very agile and has springs for legs – evident on the dock and when he’s leaping to steal apples off our trees.  He’s very intelligent and has a lot of desire to please.  He is also very social and gentle and gets along with everyone he meets be it children, other dogs, livestock, etc.

Coulee boasts a fantastic pedigree filled with generations of talented retrievers.  He comes from long lines of pointing Labradors, and although he hasn’t had much field training yet, he has retained that natural instinct.

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